Microsoft Excel

Excel Plugin

The most used application for data analysis by far is Microsoft Excel. It is a huge time-saver. In this post, we list and describe 5 add-in plugins that complement Microsoft Excel with additional features and options to be productive and impress your abilities with Excel. They perform tasks that can help you become an Excel expert.

We use Excel for just about every project. The spreadsheet add-ins, help make your work so much easier. Excel Add-ins are similar to the mini software applications that you install into Excel in order to provide shortcuts, integration and tasks that are not available within the standalone Excel application.

These add-ins boost your productivity and add visualizations to make your spreadsheets stand out. Some of the addins can help effectively run your business and save time analyzing your data. These addins contain general functionalities that can be used in pretty much any spreadsheet you are working with. 

Since there are so many Excel developers out there, it can be hard to find a good Excel add-in which will suit your need. Hence we have reviewed some of the more popular Excel add-ins that will provide you with a whole ribbon tab worth of extra functionalities.