Page Builder

Page Builder Plugin

WordPress page builders allow you to create, edit, and customize your website layout without writing any code. There are several great drag and drop page builder plugins available for WordPress. They allow you to create custom website designs in WordPress.

You must be familiar with pages, If you are a WordPress user. You can use the settings in the Pages Editor and adjust how a page appears.  You can visually drag and drop content elements in the front-end with the help of a page builder. You should check whether the interface is user-friendly and if you are comfortable working with it. Many page builders offer a demo or a trial version, and you can make good use of it.

There are many items that make up the pages of your website, and they are commonly called content elements. Page builder plugins contain a number of content elements that form the building blocks of your page. You can have a mental blueprint of how your pages should appear. You can then go about dragging and dropping these content elements into the columns, rows, and spaces that you have created.

A few things that you can do with a page builder include adding rows and columns, adjusting margins and spaces between rows and columns, adding countdown timers, and adding social share or call to action buttons to give your page the functionality and appearance that you want.

There are several WordPress page builders which exist on the internet, which makes it tricky when it comes to choosing one. We have  whittled down to the ones that have excellent ratings and incredible features. It’s also important that the page builders are compatible with most WordPress themes. So, we have outlined the best to help you consider one WordPress page builder over another.