WooCommerce Product and Stock Manager - Ajax Based

Fastest way to update Products & Stock Data

WooCommerce Product and Stock Manager allows to update your stock inventory and product data in seconds using ajax technology without reloading the page.
With our plugin you can now access and update WooCommerce products (including variants) and stock with ease.

WooCommerce Product Stock Manager

Just Make Changes – No Save button – No unnecessary page refreshes

The most efficient way to manage WooCommerce Product & Stock data

1 Month Free Trial
No credit card required

7-day money-back guarantee

Plugin Features

Ajax Update

Update the following fields in seconds

Product Category | Product Data | Regular Price | Sale Price | SKU | Weight | Manage Stock | Stock Quantity | Backorders | Stock Status

Update Product & Stock data for Variations

Updating data for Product Variations is time-consuming when you have to edit Variation by Variation in the Product Page.
Now – you guessed it! Editing is a breeze

Woocommerce Product Stock Table

Status Updates

When a field is saved it shows up in Lime Green

If the field is not saved (for some reason) it shows in Red

All past entries are shown in Light Green

Status Colors


Advanced Filters – Filter by Product Category, Product Data, Manage Stock & Stock Status