Woo Charts – WooCommerce Reporting Plugin

The Best Reporting WordPress Plugin for

Beautiful, Interactive & Insightful Reports on Your WordPress Site
No External Sites & No Painful Integrations

Woo Charts turns Sales data into eCommerce Performance Insights.

Get intuitive and detailed stats directly on your WordPress admin page. All the stats you may need, at your fingertips!

WooCommerce Sales Summary

Shows you the number of Orders, Gross Sales, Refunds and Net Sales for any selected date range.

WooCharts Status Bar

Eye-catching and easy to read charts

Shop admins will have all the information in a clear, simple and immediate way!

Total Sales by Day

This key metric shows you how much you’ve made by day.

Total Sales by Product

This metric shows you which products bring in the most money

Total Orders by Product

Number of orders sold by Product

Order Status

Shows you the status of orders – completed, refunded, pending and cancelled.

Payment Gateways

Key metric to show you from which payment gateway your sales are coming from.

Total Sales by Country

Key metric to show you where your sales are coming from.

Total Sales by State

Key metric to show you from which state your sales are coming from.


Advanced Filters – Filter by Product Category, Product and Country

Bonus Report – WooCommerce Stock & Sales Report

Detailed tabular report that shows sales for any date range and current stock levels. This report can also be filtered by Date Range, Product Category and Country.

From data to insight, Woo Charts will help you summarize your WooCommerce sales in real-time.

What our customers say…

“Super easy to install and to use. Our agency has tried other WooCommerce dashboard plugins before, but this is by far the best.
Our clients love how easy it is to use and how crisp and clear it is visually. Definitely recommend other agencies to use it too. ”

Paul Brent
London, UK

“In the past I have used Google analytics to keep track of the sales for my store since no other plugins exist.
But using Woo Charts made it so easy. It gives you just the right information to run your ecommerce site.
I suggest you give it a try. 

Amanda Johnson

“Wow, I am so glad that my friend suggested me Woo Charts. Since I am new to ecommerce I was looking for a tool like this that would give me all the information that I needed to run my estore without boggling me with information overload. And the best part, it cost me “3 cups of coffee” for something that can I use for life time. Thank you Woo Charts. 

Maria E Lopez

“I just downloaded a free version of Woo Charts 2 days ago. I loved it. Now I bought the Pro version and I am really happy with the purchase.  This is the best WooCommerce dashboard plugin ever…”

Sandra Tyler

“The data insight is priceless. It has helped us to plan our procurement and focus on the products that are fastest selling and of greater value.
Also, being able to reconcile our reports not just on day to day basis but for any specific time period has helped us to track our sales target.
We can even view where we are getting the most sales from. All info, just a click away. It is so easy that my shop managers can do it without much learning curve. Now I have free time to focus on more strategic stuff for my shop. I highly recommend this product.  

Nicky A Preston

“As someone building my WooCommerce site for the first time, I purchased this after comparing with many other plugins out there in the market.
It has all the features that most of the expensive tools have and also its on an ‘offer’ too. I’d totally say it’s worth it. 

Jenny Xu